Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Obama Wasting Time and Money on West Virginia?

Some may argue that 5 million isn't a lot with a 150 million haul. That winning West Virginia would be a huge symbolic victory for the Democrats.

I would say...well, maybe. But with only 5 electoral votes at stake, and the state swinging back into the Republican column, democrats may be dreaming.

Why? Well, the issue in West Virginia seems to be implicit racism, where the attacks of "socialist," "terrorist," and "Arab" have the most resonance. Isn't it a bit of an uphill battle to be fighting both the Republican fear machine and age-old racial intolerance at the same time?

There's another state right next door that's susceptible to the same arguments, but has many more electoral votes at stake. That state is called Ohio. And one can't be all too certain about states like Florida either. I'd feel better if these behemoths were in the bag before Biden was off boasting about carrying five electoral votes from West Virginia.

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