Saturday, October 25, 2008

Republicans Their Own Worst Enemy Watch

During a week in which Obama literally did suspend his campaign to visit his ailing grandmother, he seems to have done exceptionally well.

That's because he's had help. McCain's campaign these days seems to be doing all it can to rally the public for Obama. Here are just a few highlights:

Story about Palin's extraordinary budget for makeup and outfits just won't die.

Republican campaign staffer makes up false claim about being attacked by an Obama supporter and engraved with a B (unfortunately, the B she faked was carved backwards, as in a mirror). Wouldn't have been so toxic a story if the McCain campaign hadn't pushed it, and FOX hadn't declaired that if it turned out to be false, "McCain's campaign would be over." Now the McCain campaign looks not only like illegal race-baiters, but pretty lame ones too.

Palin staffers create circular firing squad, laying blame for why her ratings are tanking.

McCain decides to switch tactics, and since it's working so well for Obama, launches a campaign against the Republican party. Hey, McCain - which party are you from again?

Meanwhile, more and more Republicans are endorsing Obama, creating a landslide of support.

Maybe Obama could stop campaigning entirely. I mean, at this point, it may help more than hurt if they just took Biden off the campaign trail and let the Republicans make the case for Obama for him. Then we might see a real blowout.

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