Monday, October 20, 2008

Tallying Campaign Violence: Republicans and Democrats

This campaign is turning into one of the most violent I've ever seen. There is nastiness almost daily on both sides, now. Here's a rundown:

Republican Violence
Tires slashed at an Obama rally
Early voters harassed by McCain supporters
Racist threats and physical intimidation against ACORN workers
Of course, the calls for violence against Obama at the Palin rallies
But perhaps this makes me the saddest: someone kills a bear cub and wraps the carcus in an Obama sign. I find the killing of a bear cub for a political point truly depressing, and perhaps an ominous omen.

Democratic Violence
McCain train campaign windows shot out
McCain supporters hit with a McCain sign
Molotov cocktails thrown into a yard with McCain sign

While the MSN will like to paint this as a "both sides are responsible" meme, quite clearly, it is McCain and Palin that have decided to stoke violence in this election through their inflammatory approach to their panicked supporters. Just because there is also a backlash from some unhinged Democrats doesn't alleviate them of the responsibility for unleashing these demons in the first place.

But let's just say this again to people on both sides of the spectrum: everyone, please just calm the f*ck down.

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