Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Republican Crack-up: Five Stages of Crazy

The idea of losing - or maybe not simply losing, but LOSING BIG - is simply driving some hard-right conservatives batshit. Let's look at the five stages of crazy that hard-right partisans are currently driving themselves into.

Vile Racist Anger: McCain supporters kick and abuse black cameramen, shout threats at rallies.

Laughable Denial: Believing the polls are wrong because they have headquarters on the coasts.

Wild Ludicrous Pleading: Sending out desperate robo-calls and threatening parishioners that they will go to Hell for voting for Obama.

Batshit-crazy Despair: Evangelicals despair that Obama has America under a voodoo spell of mass hypnosis.

What's next? I guess we'll have to wait till November 5th for bitter Acceptance.

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