Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe The Plumber Campaign Stunt Backfires, Makes Right-Wingers Crazy

Oy vey. Joe the Plumber is suddenly Sarah Palin Redux.

Wouldn't you know, when some basic facts about Joe the Plumber are made public (i.e, that he isn't a plubmer, that he owes taxes, and that he would actually get a tax cut under Obama's plan), once again the right-wing goes hysterical and claims there's some kind of witch hunt going on, like they did with Palin.

Listen, folks: it wasn't Obama who wanted to use Joe the Plumber (or Sarah Palin, for that matter) as a campaign stunt. It's McCain who has absolutely no regard for this person's privacy. Here's McCain recklessly appropriating this guy's life for his own shameless campaign:

Responding to McCain's cynical use of this guy is not "leftist totalitarianism." My God, what planet do these people come from? When McCain does this, the media is not only just doing it's job reporting the facts on this guy, it would be totally irresponsible NOT to follow up. So please, people. It was McCain who decided to focus national attention on this guy. Did he ask him if he could use him in a commercial? Did he bother to check any of these facts himself before he did? Like Palin, the answer is no - McCain just decided to ruin the guy's life without thinking twice about it.

Get real. If people like Malkin and Galien represent the thinking of the Republican party, no wonder it's imploding fast.

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