Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guilt-By-Association-Ad-Absurdity: McCain's Ties to Saddam Hussein

The Republicans seem to be having a mental meltdown trying to smear Obama in an orgy of guilt-by-association innuendo. In addition to Ayers and Wright, in recent days they've piled on with Rezko, ACORN, FANNIE MAE, Afrocentrist education, and a child molester.

So now McCain gets a little pushback of his own: one member of his team apparently was a lobbiest for Saddam Hussein.

That's right, can't get much more guilty-by-association than that.

Does this mean I think McCain sympathizes with Hussein? That's absurd. But equally absurd is the idea that Obama is a vote-stealing, sixties-radical-loving, terrorist-hugging, Wall-Street-crash-causing, crypto-Arab child molester, which is what McCain seems to be trying to get hard-core rightwingers to believe. So why not call McCain an Arab dictator lover? It all makes just about as much sense.

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