Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama and Rezko versus Palin and Monegan

Of all the "shady" Obama connections (Ayers, Wright, etc.), it's Tony Rezko, I think, that has the most salience.

Let's review:

Ayers - complete hogwash and character assassination as Republicans try to paint guilt by association. No one is buying it.

Wright - a typical fire-breathing left-leaning black pastor, whom Obama mishandled as he blew up on national television, showing perhaps poor judgement.

Rezko - shady Chicago real-estate developer who will take down a lot of Democrats in Chicago. Typical of the kind of Chicago political machine that shows how Obama really made his career.

Why is the Rezko connection the most damning? Because it's the most mundane of all political stories: kickbacks for political favors and advancing careers. A daily occurance here in New Jersey, and Chicago as well. Hardly any politician can start a career in either of these places and remain completely clean.

Even if there's no direct wrongdoing, it's the kind of connection that can make Obama seem less than pristine.

In a way, not dissimilar to Palin's problems with Troopergate: nothing illegal, but gives you a better flavor for the way these people see politics.

For Obama: connections to further an ambitious career.

For Palin: connections to exercise personal grudges.

Neither is all that admirable. But we've been suffering the consequences of the latter for eight years now. And frankly, the former sin may be the more acceptable hubris right now.

But, my dear Democrats, don't fret. McCain won't make Rezko a key issue. Why? Just say Keating Five. The details of McCain's role in the Keating Five scandal are a surprising parallel to Obama and Rezko. The only difference: we've already established that McCain is guilty.

However, after the election, watch as Republicans try to take down the Obama administration with it.

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