Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McCain Advisor: Sarah Palin is a "Whack Job"

Dear readers.

Two months ago I published the Palin scandals. If you'll read the comments, you'll see I took a lot of heat. People called me "a liberal rag," "in the tank for Obama," and "on the payroll of the DNC." Two months later, this is still by far my most popular post, receiving dozens of links and thousands of hits a day. I've even found it being used in a college curriculum on "media bias" in the election.

Dear readers, all I did was compile a list of scandals that were readily found on the internet. I actually wrote things like, "Certainly making a choice to give birth to and raise [a Down Syndrom] child is courageous - and will be at least as appealing as Biden's personal backstory," and "as a small business person, I kind of sympathise with [her] taking the per diem," though, admittedly, I did accuse her of being "securely in the pockets of big oil," insinuated she might be "a female Dick Cheney," and called her church "as crazy as...Obamas."

But, dear readers, I never never called Sarah Palin a "whack job." That was McCain's advisors.

Dear readers, I never called Sarah Palin a diva. No, again, that was McCain's advisers.

Dear readers, it wasn't me who said that the choice with Palin was "whether to make [her] look like a scripted robot or an unscripted ignoramus" - again, that was the McCain campaign, as told to Robert Draper in GQ.

No, dear readers - Republicans are calling Palin a whack job diva ignoramus. McCain's Republicans. But then, I guess they don't really have a nice thing to say about anybody, do they?

So, dear readers. Perhaps you'll cut me some slack, now. If I'm on the payroll of the DNC...then that would surely make McCain one of the DNC's main henchmen. (Hmmm...so maybe that's what happened to him in the Hanoi Hilton.)


Hank Mehle said...

My sides hurt!! Please!!! You deserve bailout money from the Hanky Bank for this post.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is as dumb as Paris Hilton!!! n ofcourse Whack job and a manipulator like Dick Cheney.... Hope people will wake up to the reality and vote sensibly....