Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Rope-A-Dope Once Again Traps McCain

McCain is just so unbelievably stupid.

Doesn't he see that by saying "he [McCain] doesn't have the guts to talk about Ayers" that Obama is just baiting him to talk about Ayers at the debate?

Doesn't he know that the more McCain talks about Ayers, the more it drives up McCain's unfavorables faster than Obama's?

Yes, Obama is daring McCain to bring up Ayers in the debates. He HOPING that McCain will do that, because if he does, Obama will respond: "Yes, I met Ayers once. But I'm not funding him, the way Republicans who support McCain are. So, Senator McCain, are you saying it's not okay to meet a terrorist, but it's perfectly okay to fund terrorists?"

I can't believe McCain would fall for this. Even the Clintons realized when they were being played.

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