Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ritual Qaeda Endorsement: Reverse Reverse Reverse Psychology?

The annual ritual of the Al Qaeda endorsement of the Democratic candidate has finally arrived. This is the publicly released endorsement hoping for Republican "humiliation."

Of course, what's puzzling about this is that two weeks ago, what Al Qaeda was saying in private on its password-protected website was that it was secretly hoping that McCain would win, and continue Bush's policies, which have been so helpful for Al Qaeda.

McCain, however, declared that that was all reverse psychology! He meant that by saying they wanted McCain, they really wanted Obama.

So, now that they're releasing a tape for public consumption saying they want Obama, will McCain continue to claim reverse psychology, saying that by saying the are against the Republican candidate they are really for him? Or is McCain now going to claim reverse reverse psychology and say Al Qaeda is saying Obama because they know McCain said it was reverse psychology so they know people will think it means they are really endorsing McCain and thus think they really DO want Obama? Or did they think of all this already and their bravado about Republican defeat is Al Qaeda's own reverse reverse reverse psychology, knowing McCain will claim this as reverse reverse psychology that they really DO want Obama but that's what in fact Al Qaeda is hoping for so that people will think they DO want Obama and therefore voters will in the end be repulsed by that and after all that end up voting for McCain?

Or is it only reverse psychology when it's on a password-protected website written in Arabic?

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