Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Four New Sarah Palin Scandals

Wow - I thought we were done. But no, there's more. Here are the latest scandals.

Parliamentagate - Palin still doesn't quite know what the Vice President's role in the Senate is. My take: the RNC really should have her re-do third grade before the election.

Housegate - This one came out a few weeks ago: Todd Palin's contractor friends provided free labor building their house in exchange for...Wasilla construction kickbacks? Seems to me not too unlike the similar "scandal" about how Obama got his house. So let's call it a wash.

Fashiongate - the RNC spends over 150K dollars on clothes for Palin. My take? Since she's not going to get the new address at the Naval Observatory, let's at least let her keep the clothes for her troubles. Call it a consolation prize.

Travelgate - this is a bit of a re-hash of Perdiemgate. The difference is that now it's clear that Palin's kids went on trips where they weren't invited and spent a lot of extra time on vacation on Alaska taxpayers' dimes, and Palin seems to be messing with the records. People will say this is not the doings of a so-called "reformer" (especially if you combine that with Fashiongate). I still think this is a bit of a tempest in a teapot - though maybe a bigger tempest, given that this seems to be SOP for Alaska, the teapot is still pretty small.

I think this is all pretty petty stuff. If you want a REAL Sarah Palin scandal, watch this.


Anonymous said...

I think you Democrats are really searching and are finding nothing. Obama and Biden are the two worst things to come along in a very long time. Both are stupid and do not need to be in public office.

Tiffani Ellis said...

How are the Democrats "searching and finding nothing?" Looks to me like we are finding EVERYTHING.

I live in a small town in Texas, where everyone is enamored with Sarah Palin. Reason has thus far failed to convince any of them that she is corrupt, and has used her office for personal gain. Anyway, even if I cannot convince anyone of this, I enjoyed this post, and the rest of your blog.

Anonymous said...

As an Alaskan the one thing that is hard to wait for is when miss palin returns to Alaska along with her husband the First "Dud" to answer some questions.
One of the big questions is why does Todd the first "Dud" have all the power that he does, and where did it come from?

Caibou Barbie needs to come home and tell us just what she's been doing such as living at home in Wassila and charging us $65 a day for it. What else is she ripping us off for as she has a very long history of doing things such as that.