Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain Addresses Gay Americans

McCain's responds in the Blade to questions that gay Americans have about his beliefs.

I have to say, the fact that he responded, and the forthrightness of his answers, are the most respectable thing I've seen from his campaign.

However, I don't think gay people will be very pleased with his answers: basically, he is better than Bush on two respects - he won't push for a Federal ban on gay marriage. And he's willing to acknowledge he knows some gay people. But in all other respects, his answers are fairly hostile on gay rights.

So, if, like, Bush is in the McCarthy era on gay rights, McCain at least seems to be somewhere in the early 1960's. But at least he's willing to talk, and willing to put his positions out there.

However, don't ask what Sarah Palin thinks! She still thinks man and dinosaurs roamed the earth together.

Man - if McCain's suddenly going after gays with this kind of Neanderthal platform, he really MUST be scrounging for votes, huh?

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