Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Beach Vollyeball: Who Picks Headbanger Music?

Ok - after watching a few rounds of this, I want to know: is there an Olympic rule that 10 seconds of Rockabilly or bar-band Southern Rock has to be played between each volley? It seems so. But who selects the songs? Is Lynyrd Skynyrd really the official bar-band of the Chinese?

Does each team submit a playlist before the competition? Is there an Olympic Beach Volleyball Music Steering Committee? What about racially or sexually inappropirate music, such as something by Eminem? Do the musicians receive any royalties for the ten-second clips appearing broadcast on international television?

Here's only piece on the music I can find, in the Vancouver Sun.

Does anyone out there know? The Olympics seems to officially script every aspect of the games. What's the story with this?

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