Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Mistakes about This Election

You know, here were the things that I was hopeful about this election.

1. McCain was a "independant" Republican who would shun the more odeous far-right aspects of his party. WRONG.

2. Surely we were done with Rovian style attacks on Democrats that turn a debate about important issues into personal demagoguery. WRONG.

3. Surely the Democratic candidate in this election would be able to let the public see through the moral deficit of those kind of scare-the-voter Republican political tacticts. WRONG (but he does have Rich trying to do it for him...though hardly elevating the discourse.)

4. Surely we were finally be done with the past eight years of Bush-style cronyism, profiteering, and moral decay. Well, if McCain wins, that looks to be WRONG.

5. Certainly Obama's style of attacking issues by reaching across the isle would unite independants and conservatives who want the country to move forward again. Possibly, but if he still can't unite party Democrats, well, this is looking to be WRONG too.

So call this the August dolldrums. I've become entirely pissed at this election and no longer hopeful that this country will get beyond the divisions of the past eight years. Even if Obama wins - McCain will have polarized the populous through his attacks that it'll be hard for him to reach across the isle to institute the policies that were supposed to be the centerpiece of this election: energy independance, health insurance, economic recovery, improved foreign relations. And if McCain wins, we'll have a resentful Democratic congress trying to restrain a war-hungry Administration - like we've seen over the past two years - with probably a real economic Depression on our hands.

Obama...please save us from our summer doledrums with a great convention!

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