Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Back in the Game

Looks like Obama came in off the bench today and decided to get back in the game.

"Dems Pounce on McCain Admission He Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Owns."

Ouch. McCain don't like it when he has to taste some of his own medicine. Listen to how he reacts:

"John McCain vowed to retaliate against today's story...."

Vows to retaliate?

What is this, You Sunk My Battleship? What will he do if Putin calls his wife a ninny or Ahmadinejad says he has bad breath? Guess we don't need to worry about WWIII, he'll already have re-instituted the draft.

See, maybe Democrats are starting to realize the effectiveness of negative attacks: they really make any response to them sound whiny and pathetic. Fun to see the Republicans have to struggle with that for a change.

Maybe Obama has hit upon a home-run strategy here. If he pushes McCain hard enough, the guy might go ballistic. Wouldn't that be fun to watch?


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