Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could It Be Clinton After All?

I was expecting Obama's VP announcement today. Don't you think if the pick were Biden, he'd want to announce it middle of the week to create maximum media coverage of their campaigning together on Thursday and Friday going into the convention?

The longer the delay, the more it bodes that the leak of names on Monday may have been a feint, as Nate Silver suggested, and Obama's pick would be a surprise.

What bigger surprise than Hillary? If it's her, then it makes sense to wait until Friday morning, Thursday afternoon earliest (or maybe even till Monday) so as to create the maximum "WOW" factor going into the conventions.

With Obama slipping in the polls and his new "tough" approach to Republicans, as well as his tacking away from the reputation of a "new" politician (might as well throw that overboard now and get serious, huh?), it's entirely possible he's decided to pull the Hillary card from the deck. There are just some serious problems with it being Hillary.

Word is, Hillary and Bill didn't allow themselves to be fully vetted; the Obama campaign made it clear that this would disqualify her.
Bill is obviously doing his best right now to campaign for McCain; anyone seriously being considered wouldn't be doing this.
The Penn memo leaks suggest no operation left at camp Clinton; anyone seriously being considered would have kept a lid on their dirty laundry; case in point: Edwards.

So I don't see how it could possibly be her. But perhaps it's not Bayh, Biden, or Kaine, either.

So who, then? Other than Al Gore - who has flatly denied he would accept and seems doubtful to me, but who knows - I don't think anyone other than Hillary could create that kind of WOW that would be worth waiting to the weekend for.

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Cole Trickle said...

Of course Bill & Hillary are campaigning for McCain -- If McCain wins, Hillary can run again for President in 4 years -- If Obama wins she has to wait 8 years while Obama goes for reelection.....