Sunday, August 17, 2008

CBS Features VP Pick Preview? Or Will Biden Come From Behind?

On the 7th: my picks for VP's - Pawlenty and Bayh.

Today, CBS features the two of them squaring off on Face the Nation. Some call this a preview of the VP debates.

But recent events have changed. Some speculate the events in Georgia could swing the decision - to Biden in the case of Obama and to Leiberman in the case of McCain.

Leiberman's been pushing hard to be McCain's VP. I think he'll get into the administration but the religious right would never allow Leiberman. No, Pawlenty is still McCain's best bet. McCain can handle Georgia on his own.

But Obama's tea leaves are harder to read. My suspicions have always been that Obama would get along great with Biden, but would consider Bayh the safest political ploy to target blue-collar voters in the midwest. That calculous, however, is based on the economy being the #1 issue in this election. But with the Netroots nitpicking Bayh, and with Biden being the better-known quantity on the national stage, and the race tightening and current events throwing a curve-ball, Obama may decide to go with a Hail Mary of Biden rather than the strategic run-up-the-middle with Bayh. My guess: Obama has probably notified them both that they are on the "short short list" and is leaving the final decision open to the last minute, to judge just how serious events in Georgia might become. (My assessment: they're serious, as recent events have the polls closing again to a dead heat. Georgia will likely push foreign policy back into contention as at least the number two issue of this election. Break the safety glass and bring out Biden.)

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