Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About to Pop over VP

The press is about to pop a gasket waiting for Obama to announce his VP selection tomorrow. Hot speculation is on Biden.

Nate Silver isn't so sure that the floating of Kaine, Biden, Bayh (and shout outs today to Biden and Webb) aren't a "head fake" and that Obama will announce someone more startling (like Hillary, Al Gore, or Colin Powell).

Well...going through the list of "startling" picks, I just don't see the HOW of how they happen. By what logic does Colin Powell help Obama overcome the race problem with blue-colar voters? By what logic does it make sense for Al Gore to give up nobel prizes for eight more years of been there, done that? But what logic could Michele possibly live with Hillary on the ticket (or anyone in team Obama trust what she might be up to)?

The only surprise on that list that could work is Webb, who's officially taken himself out of the running (who knows, maybe that's another head fake too).

And if this is a head-fake that the Obama campaign is leaking, wouldn't that make the press look bad, and be a bit resentful? Isn't it more likely that Obama is giving the press some delightful candy by leaking the actual three finalists?

So while all signs point to Biden, yes, there's an outside chance of seeing Webb's name on your text-message tomorrow. But I'd rank it very outside.

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