Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clinton Creates Democratic Convention Suspense

Clinton has gotten Obama to agree to having a roll-call for Clinton at the convention.

No doubt, all the snipping and carping from the Clinton camp recently has been part of their negotiation strategy: give us what we want, or we'll make trouble. And with the race this tight, Obama sure knows she can.

But the real question: is this all a dirty trick by Clinton? A way to see if, somehow at the last moment, she might steal away the nomination from Obama? There are plenty of PUMA's (stands for: Party Unity My Ass) still working out their diabolical plans to have Clinton steal away the nomination at the convention. The problem? Clinton STILL has not released her delegates. So that means that, in reality, anything could happen in two weeks...IF Clinton supporters got enough delegates to switch their votes.

And at this point, that's called pie in the sky...or more accurately, sour grapes. Like everything else, Clinton's holding onto her delegates is probably another way of hedging her bets and holding out hope (as well as getting some air time at the convention with the rollcall). In Clinton's mind, it's not impossible that in the next week and a half, Obama will admit an affair (like Edwards), give a hug to Ahmadinajad, or pull a Dukakus and wear Micky-mouse goggles in a fighter jet. Then she could signal her supporters to ride in with their petition and "save the party."

But given the way Obama has run his campaign, that's not going to happen. So all the rest of us can just sit on the edge of our seats while we wait to find out: just how much wreckage will the poor deluded PUMA's do to Democratic chances for political overhaul? And how mad with self-interest is Hillary?

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