Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain Campaign Takes My Advice About Ads

Hmmm - suddenly last night, McCain switches ads on the Olympics. No more "negative" ad - they're playing the old "McCain Maverick" ad.

Well, I guess their focus testing finally told them what we already knew: no matter how great the ad or necessary it was to paint Obama negatively, doing it at the Olympics wasn't going to work. Probably was backfiring.

So they went back to one of the "positive" ads. Too bad this ad has the same sober music and scratchy images. And it's still a bit of a carping, negative ad, pointing out how terrible everything is. (Yeah, McCain, thanks for the upper during the Olympics.) Still, at least it's not so offensive to fans of young athletes attempting to become the latest world celebrities that it makes me want to hate the least it makes an attempt to remind people about the McCain they used to like.

BTW, here's Obama's reply to the maverick ad. Pretty neat. And I bet you he knows enough not to run it during the Olympics.

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