Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain's Second Fiddle: Convention Fatigue?

Republicans wanted to schedule their convention right after Democrats in order to suppress any "convention bounce."

Did they miscalculate?

The Olympics have been unusually popular, with Phelps beating records. The Democratic convention has been a true suspense, with a close primary and the party rallying after two long days of working it out, and a planned stadium rally tonight that will be debated for days.

What could Republicans offer to top that?

Party die-hards will savor their moment, and the press will eat up the manufactured controversies, but really - aren't you tired of appointment TV viewing by now and ready to have your regular evenings back?

I know I am...if I watch anything, it'll be out of loyalty to this blog. The "Four-Hour Work Week" says I should cut out all this reading and watching about news and pick up a good novel. Next week seems like a good time to try it out.

We already know what the Republican convention will offer: appeals to patriotism and war, swipes at Obama's experience and celebrity, McCain being red-faced and emphatic. Even a surprise pick like Lieberman wouldn't derail the script. The only potential surprise would be, will Bush show up, or will they hide him in a box and bury it under the levees in New Orleans? Either way, why watch it?

Could the Republicans have set themselves up to be embarrassed by a ratings flop? Will anyone care?

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