Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Does the Media take James Dobson Seriously?

Who is James Dobson?

He's at radical, far-right religious zeaolot with a large following. "Focus on the Family" is essentially a right-wing religious cult. He's not even a preacher but a right-wing radio personality with a cult following whose real motives are power and money.

The fact that he blasts Obama's nuanced views on the Bible is like the leader of the KKK coming out against Arlin Specter for being a Jew who killed Christ. Yeah, that's a surprise.

What gets me about this is that CNN titles its piece, "Top evangelical leader." I wish the mainstream media would stop giving this guy a pulpit. If they had opened the piece saying "Radio personality posing as religious zealot exploiting right-wing religious cult for personal gain blasts Obama," I wouldn't have had any problems with the reporting.

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