Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama/Bradshaw in '08

I think the way for Obama to solve his Clinton crisis and unite the party is to put Carrie Bradshaw on the ticket as his VP.

After having attending the "Sex and the City" opening weekend, I can affirm that Clinton's core constituency turned out in droves to see Carrie Bradshaw and friends take their revenge on their wishy-washy men and get their just deserts in the end. Just like the Clinton campaign, the motivations of the characters may not have made sense, and there was more pageantry than character growth, but the girls stayed loyal to the cause and never had to yield on their principals.

But where Clinton comes off as wonkish and false, Bradshaw gives us true feeling and the kind of unflappable, simplistic optimism that fits well with the Obama theme.

She also has the advantage of being fictional. And since Clinton supporters have shown that they're perfectly anxious to accept fictional precepts as campaign fact, Obama might as well give them a fictional character no one will be able to Swift Boat.

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