Sunday, June 22, 2008

Overlooked VP Choices - McCain and Obama

Prompted to do some more digging by one of my readers, I find it's time to amend the top ten VP choices for both McCain and Obama.

First McCain. My reader points out the overlooked female governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. I concede: a good choice, with few downsides. Only problem: I didn't know know who she was. Does anyone who doesn't live in Alaska? A canny female choice that would play well with all sides of the party...but I don't see her delivering any states. I'd put her on the list in place of Colin Powell: for an outside the box pick, Palin makes more sense than Powell. (And while we're at it, bump Pawlenty up to #3 - word on the Sunday talk shows is that McCain has already chosen him. Of course, word counts for nothing...but there's no such word about Sandord or Blunt, so that puts Pawlenty at the head of that small pack.)

As for Obama, somehow, I've left a few favorites off my list, such as James Jones, Bill Nelson, and Jack Reed: apparently the Obama VP vetting team has been meeting with them (along with a couple others I didn't have on the list, Tim Kaine and John Kerry....)

With Florida in play, let's put Senator Nelson on the list - probably a good reason to bump Daschle off it at #10.

As for James Jones, a retired Nato Supreme Commander from Missouri, the vetting, there, seems to be serious. I guess this is who we're getting as the "from the miltary" guy rather than Clark. Don't know anything about Jones' stump, but he delivers Missouri and brings the military cred. Let's give him Clark's position at #9.

All the rest don't seem likely to me, for various reasons (Kerry, well, that reason should be obvious.)

BTW, scuttlebut seems to have Sebelius moving up the list. Nothing definitive, but as Hillary supporters begin to gravitate toward Obama (and McCain fails to pick them up), the logic that he needs her becomes less and less effective. Let's swap Sebelius and Hillary, giving Sebilius #5 and Hillary #8.

If we don't have any picks by July 4th, things will have changed enough to issue new lists....


Anonymous said...

A commenter on another post says it much better than I can:

"They say McCain reads the blogs, so here goes --

Senator McCain- Don't let the campaign kibbitzers muddle things up.

First and foremost, Sarah Palin shares your values. She killed the bridge to nowhere. Need we say more?

As for the politics, Sarah Palin transcends geography. Her constituency, like yours, goes beyond state lines.

She will get your ticket access to voters all over the country based on who she is and what she stands for. Because she's young, a woman, a mother with young kids, she will grab media attention more than any other potential candidate.

Gov. Palin also has a son in the active duty military. You have very wisely taken your son's service in Iraq off the table as a campaign talking point. That is and should be respected. But others can talk about it and reflect on what it means.

A McCain-Palin administration would be the first in memory which has family members in uniform during wartime from both the President and Vice President. That would be a powerful statement as to the importance of national service, especially in uniform.

Most importantly, any Vice President should be ready to step up and serve in the event she is needed. Frankly, who is really ever ready? Gov. Palin is as ready as anybody, she is a quick learner, and in her public career has exhibited the courage and decisiveness needed for a great leader.

Godspeed to you in your campaign and in making this important decision."

Anonymous said...

I can see it all now, Alaska Gov Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, introducing Sarah as the next Vice President of the United States at the Republican National Convention later this summer, to the tune of Shania Twain’s “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face”.

Here it is:

Just imagine!!! (Dems, eat your heart out)