Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Snowe Effect

There are actually a number of great reasons for Obama to pick a moderate female Republican Senator like Olympia Snowe for the ticket:

1. Solidifies the "unify the country" meme.

2. Woman on the ticket neutralizes feminist backlash.

3. Pulls a Republican out of the senate and opens one more seat for a Democrat; which not only tilts the congress further toward a Democratic majority but engenders loyalty to Obama for the added help.

4. As below, it's probably the best favor Obama can do for Clinton as it paves the way for her to secure the nomination in 2016 (unless Snowe switches parties, which would be unlikely; and even if she did, she would not have the same pull amongst the Democratic voters).

5. Plays tremendously well in the appeal towards independents and cements Obama's "independent" credentials.

I can think of only one downside: McCain and the Republicans would realize all this too, and pressue Snowe to not accept.

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