Sunday, June 08, 2008

Home Run

Well, she did it - she came out with a speech that not only did everything she needed to to speak to her supporters and start to bring them over to Obama, she was gracious and eloquant. She actually moved me. This was the Clinton I originally was a fan of, and hadn't seen since South Carolina.

Everyone was left to wonder - if Hillary had been this good from the beginning, would she have won the nomination?

If she had been able to assess the real state of the political landscape and speak honestly about it?

If she had been able to address the hopes of women for her campaign and place them in proper context?

If she had been able to be respectful of her Democratic peers and still articulate differences with them?


Was the speech a tryout for the Obama ticket, as many in the press have claimed? Did she actually mimick Obama's style here in an attempt to ameliorate him? I don't know, but whatever she did, it worked...she delivered a classy speech and we all can only hope the rest of the campaign with McCain stays at this level (though if anyone saw McCain's speech on Tuesday, you realize there's a lot of ground there to cover...which is why he prefers debates).

But it does beg the question, why wasn't Hillary this good before? I think the speech showed that in fact, when Hillary started this campaign, she actually wasn't as experienced as she claimed. By then end, it was Obama who taught Hillary a thing or two about politics.

If she's learned from this, she'll only be a better politician because of it.

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