Friday, June 06, 2008

Clinton: "Congratulations and Support" for Obama

Clinton's letter to her supporters sounds pretty much like a concession to me.

She makes no mention of delegates etc., so my interpretation of her parsing this thing is that there are some concessions she going to want at the convention, like perhaps a roll-call of the delegate vote: but with this language, I think she's making it clear that she's not leaving herself room for her to challenge Obama's legitimacy to the nomination.

That's what everyone needed to hear from her. There must have been teams of people talking to her, saying these were the words she needed to say, and soon. Now she's doing it.

As I said, she had till the end of the week to do this and still salvage her career. Seems she's squeaked in under the wire. But boy, she sure did give us all a heart attack.....

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