Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obama: Time's Person of the Year

Sometimes the obvious choice is the right choice.

Obama not only won the election, he created a new political movement based on a grassroots campaign that was able to defeat two of the most established names in politics.

He was able to overcome racial prejudice, religious stereotype and a consistently liberal voting record to win the Presidency with the first a decisive mandate in a generation.

He ushers in a new generation in political office, a generation that brings with it the technology, the world-view, and the experiences that make the old discussions seem even more stale, and the new discussions seem even more urgent.

And perhaps most importantly, his election has drastically changed the world's view of America, and even our view of ourselves.

No other person has been so influential on world events - not only this year, but in many years. This choice was a no-brainer.

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