Saturday, December 13, 2008

Obama Attack Dogs Are Unleashed

I was wondering how long it would take until the right-wing would start going after Obama - apparently, just as Obama's had the fastest transition team in history, the right wing has assembled the fastest attack machinery in history and are already calling for impeachment before he takes office.

The supposed "smoking gun"? Apparently, Rahm Emanuel gave Blagojevich a list of people who would be "acceptable" as a replacement for Obama's vacated Senate seat, even though Obama said he hadn't "personally spoken" to Blago about it, and would find out what contacts his staff might have had.

This is supposedly evidence that...well, I'm not quite sure what. That Obama was trying to sell his own Senate seat and dispatched Emanuel to broker a deal (BEFORE Emanuel was ever even tapped as part of his administration), and then lied about it? But if Obama said he would reveal the staff contacts, how is revealing Emanuel's contact a lie? And how could Obama sell the seat if Blago was doing that? And if there was anything sinister about Emanuel's calls to Blagojovich, the FBI would have something incriminating on tape - which they say they don't.

It's unfortunate that this Blagojevich seems to be the Democratic equivalent of Jack Abramov. But if Abramov had been the biggest scandal of the Bush administration, we'd be calling W. a saint. And while it's a black eye on the Democratic party in Illinois, other than it being Obama's Senate seat, it still mystifies me how this has anything to do with him.

But then - given that there's still a conspiracy contingent believing that Obama is a secret Manchurian terrorist, this sort of thing must be absolute PROOF that if they just keep digging, at some point they'll reveal that Obama is really Satan, Rasputin, Boss Tweed, Stalin, Nurse Ratchet, bin Laden, and Malcolm X, all rolled into one.

Then again, maybe all the right-wing moonbattery is due to the full moon.

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