Friday, December 19, 2008

Caroline Kennedy versus Sarah Palin

I realize that people are going to be endlessly comparing everyone to Sarah Palin, but in this matchup between Kennedy and Palin, people who are saying Palin is "more experienced" conveniently forget that Palin was running for Vice President of America - to essentially stand in at a moment's notice as President and represent all of America - not for a Senate seat from a notoriously liberal state.

I'd certainly have been aghast had Obama picked Caroline Kennedy as his running mate.

But that's not the situation here. So I fail to see why there's even a comparison being made at all.

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Anonymous said...

People forget Bill Clinton was a Governor who had to be taught everything when he threw his hat in the ring for President. But the media liked him.

Palin is smart. No one goes from average person to the Governor's mansion without hard work and proving themselves along the way. All Caroline Kennedy has proven to this point is how facinated we are with Kennedys in general. Next we will have Britney Spears running for Governor of California?