Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's the chance?

That McCain would get into office and decide that gay relationships were deserving of the "dignity" found by the California Supreme Court?

Yes, he politely disagrees in public with Ellen now, but any celebrity like McCain used to appearing on "The Ellen Show" (or even willing to) must know enough gay people that he's been set straight, so to speak, on this issue. No one except the most blind right-wing evangelical could believe that any of the "Washington politicians" in the heart of hearts are against gay rights. So, like Bush before him, the gay issue is a calculated pander to the right-wing base and the party platform.

But McCain isn't Bush. The maverick might one day decide to reverse his position and stand up for what he knows in his heart is right, no matter how the base may scream: the way Jerry Sanders, the Republican mayor of San Diego, recently did.

But unless the issue hits home personally, and Mr. McCain has something close to a death-bed epiphany, the likelihood that he'll squander political capital on the piddly gays is close to ziltch.

Still, if he did, it'd probably have more impact coming from him than from someone like Obama, who's opinions are already highly suspected by the right...

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