Monday, May 19, 2008

Dressing Up the Pig

Ok, Clinton has used every excuse in the book to claim the rules ain't the rules, but in today's latest doozy, Clinton now says "if we [Democrats] had same rules as the Republicans, I would be the nominee right now." Yeah, and if ants had pretty yellow wings they'd be butterflies.

Clinton has been increasingly driving me crazy with her changing claims for what should count for the nomination (seat the dismissed delegates, have elections without competing candidates, only count the states that voted for me, etc.), but this one sends me over the edge. Democrats came up with a proportional delegate system out of a *philosophical reasoning* about how the nomination process should work according to *Democratic party beliefs.* I personally think it's stupid; hey, I think the entire nomination process is stupid - all the states should vote on the same day and the winner nominee should be selected based on the popular vote - but that ain't going to happen neither. My opinion about how it should be done means diddly, only what the DNC says about it means anything; Clinton's opinion about it means about as much as mine, and in dissing the DNC like this just increasingly pisses me off.

I understand this is a close-fought nomination and whoever loses is going to feel a bit...well, to use a phrase, bitter. The fact that Clinton has increasingly gone into a never-never-land of what-ifs in her arguments, but if she can't even agree which party's playbook she wants to follow, what's the point of a Democrat voting for her? I mean, it's not like I can go say, "I think I should be a Superdelegate just because if I were, then my vote would count for more...."

I don't know what's happening to her....I used to think she was cool. Now I think we're witnessing a public melt-down.

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