Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Take Webb off the Obama VP Short List

According to FiveThirtyEight.

Also, Sebelius is getting nearly the same odds as Clinton on Intrade (both of whom are beating the next top contenders: Bayh and Biden).

Interesting, Amy Klobuchar (whom I didn't have on my list) comes in next, followed by Clair McCaskill. Seems Intrade is serious about Obama nominating a woman. I'm not so sure - I think the "better not be anyone but Hillary" factor isn't being accounted for strongly enough.

Anyway, back to Webb. He's out. So who does this help? The other Virginians, natch: Tim Kaine, current gov. of Virginia (put him up on the list). Mark Warner, former governor and businessman (add him as well). Jack Reed, from Rhode Island but who's got West Point credentials and has been coming up from behind (but I'm skeptical about a senator from a solidly blue state.) Put all these guys together and you got Webb. By themselves...not so much. Which is why Webb's departure as the front-runner on the "other than Hillary list" probably helps out Bayh, Biden, and Sebelius more than anyone else.

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