Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Obama VP Buzz Day

Gosh, you know it's a slow newsday (all this prior to the 5.8 LA quake) when everyone is writing about Obama's POTENTIAL VP pick.

Apparently we're down now to four real contenders at camp Obama: Kaine, Sebelius, Bayh, and Biden. Or really three, since most speculators feel Biden is too problematic (i.e., so qualified he'd show up our guy.) I still think Biden would be a kick-ass VP but agree with the problematic assessments if we're playing out all the political calculations.

And today, Kaine's the one getting all the buzz. But as with any fresh face on the list, I think it's just the media falling in love. But at least the finalist list is pretty close to mine: Bayh, Biden and Sebelius, with Kaine as the VA wildcard. The only thing everyone seems to agree on: Hillary's odds at this point are pretty long.

I still think Bayh is the odds-on favorite. Why? Kaine won't deliver Virginia. Sebelius will fall victim to the Hillary dead-enders. Biden will overshadow our hero. Only Bayh is the non-controversial, non-oratorical, experienced safe pick. And he'll help in the upper midwest, which Obama is now finding slippery.

The real question: why is this story being leaked today? Is Obama trying to change the media narrative to pivot off his trip? Seems to be working, but I'm curious what they've got up their sleeves.

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