Monday, December 22, 2014

Five Crazy Developments with Sony's "The Interview"

Yep, a "buddy-movie...turkey...with a slob aesthetic" has become the most notorious film of the decade. Here are five recent developments with this Seth Rogen / James Franco farce elevating this film to ironically weird heights.

Hustler is remaking The Interview into a porn parody.

Taiwanese animators have reenacted "The Interview" scandal as a series of weird animations.

Treehouse Theater in New York is planning a live script reading of The Interview on December 27th.

A Congressman wants to arrange a special screening of "The Interview" for the Capitol.

and after all this Hallabalo, Kim Jong-un is still planning to watch "The Interview."

Wow. In a year with Whiplash, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, and Interstellar, this is the film getting all the attention?

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