Saturday, June 13, 2009

POLL: Is Gay Marriage The New Swing Issue?

Since his election, Obama has been silent on gay issues - despite his campaign promises. And now, after first offending with the selection of Rick Warren at the inauguration, then his refusal to issue stop loss orders preventing the discharge of gay soldiers, and now most recently, with his DOJ legal team issuing an offensive report supporting DOMA (the law that discriminates against married gay couples with federal benefits), Obama seems to have finally struck out with the gay community.

Interestingly, however, some influential Republicans have started coming out IN FAVOR of gay marriage; even Dick Cheney has voiced his limited support.

So here's an interesting question. If a Republican presidential candidate in 2012 supported gay marriage, would gays support him or her? Could this be the swing constituency that can lead conservatives back to the White House? Take our poll and say your mind.

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Anonymous said...

This GOP voter doesn't have any problems with states deciding to allow same sex marriages. I hope the fight in CA to overturn Prop. 8 is a success this time. Hopefully former VP Cheney's comments will help that effort too.

In fact, the Federal DOMA seems like something that really should go by the boards. Where in the Constitution do the feds get the right to meddle in state to state matters about civil marriages? Don't tell me: interstate commerce right?