Saturday, January 03, 2009

What is Israel's Way Forward Now?

I agree that the Gaza operation needs to continue, but I disagree with this post about the West Bank.

Yes, now is not the time to "ceede" the West Bank, but some gesture needs to be made to Fatah for being on the "right side" of the conflict in Gaza. There needs to be easing of life, another degree of autonomy. The wedge this drives into the Palestinian populace in important.

Israel will never know peace until a) there is a unified Palestinian government and b) it accepts the co-existence of Israel. Those objectives can't be achieved without a Palestinian partner.

What the war in Gaza shows is that Palestinian moderates CAN potentially be a partner for Israel. Now is the time to strike deals with them: Help Israel destroy Hamas; earn power, and territory. Show the Palestinian people that Hamas is not the way. But even if they don't agree, even if it is "anti-democratic," Israel and Fatah must impose their will in Gaza. It is Israel's right, and Fatah's reward.

There must be a carrot that goes along with this stick.

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