Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vatican Smears Itself

At first, I thought the Isrealis were just being a bit over-sensitive when they complained about the Pope's omission of the Netanya terrorism in his recent litany against international terror. His press agent's reponse was, well, the Netanya attacks happened two weeks ago, and the Pope was only referring to the last week. Okay, and, well, perhaps the Isreali's are a bit over-sensitive about the first German Pope since the Holocaust.

Now, it turns out, the Pope says he intentionally omitted condeming the slaughter of innocent Jews because he's an anti-Zionist. Hmmm....could this Pope be as unashamedly anti-semitic as he is homophobic?

Vatican Denounces Some Israel Retaliation - Yahoo! News

If so, it's not surprising. Bigotry is back in vogue. Just read on below....

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